Doctor Who: Series 10

At least it’s over now. It comes with sadness that such acting power has been poorly used. Capaldi brought a seriousness and gravitas to the roll that no other has. Beyond the SFX, stolen moments of excellence shared with Michelle Gomez’s and Pearl Mackie hinted at what could have been.

All I can say is that Steve Moffat appears to have run out of steam for both Sherlock and DW. His dialog for Pearl Mackie mirrored style, tempo and phrasing of Jenna Coleman, which I find derails the plot flow, and too often his doctor lines sounded like Matt Smith.

Nothing was new, and the entire episode felt like a replay of The Time of the Doctor.

In all, I believe Peter Capaldiwas a great doctor with moments of brilliance, brought down by inconsistent writing. I’m sad to see him go.