#PoweredByIndie - Imagination Unleashed

The indie world is the apprenticeship of the writing craft, the talent pool for the next great artist. It allows the audience to enjoy the journey of a writer, watching the development of an artist, a growth of skills and a realization of a vision. It’s a place where new ideas can be explored, new genres can be formed, rules can be broken, statements can be made.

To me and for many others, Amazon’s KDP program has allowed me to bring my abstract view of the world to life, and present my ideas and concepts that don’t necessarily belong within traditional boundaries and expectations. This is exemplified, and emotionally rewarded, when someone puts down a book and says I’ve never read anything like that; indie has spoken.

I am studied at university and read at schools because of the opportunities created by Createspace and KDP. I couldn't have done it without them. Welcome to the new world.

Powered by indie. Powered by imagination.