​Review - The Man from UNCLE

Guy Richie continues his comeback with a very stylish and fabulous reimagining of the 60s. And fabulous is the word. Everyone, good and bad, looks like they have stepped out of the pages of Vogue. Mainly set in Italy, it is the ultimate form of retro cool.

The plot is light and nothing overly remarkable considering Richie’s early work, but the charisma of the actors—with the occasional accent slip—and the settings redeem it.

There are a few ‘Guy Richie’ moments, where his old visual style shines, but mostly this is a 60s and spy-thriller homage. The dialogue is typical Richie, with sharp one-liners. The clothes were fabulous. The poses were fabulous. The scenery was fabulous. The sixties were probably never like this, but it is how we want to remember them.

It is fabulous.