Review - Mad Max: Fury Road

It's awesome. I mean it is really awesome. That should actually be enough of a review.

MMFR (or Tesla for adults as I like to call it) is brilliant on so many levels. On a technical level, the editing (Margaret Sixel) is astounding. The film slows down and speeds up so you can catch all the action. It is sharp and precise, and has the slickness of a polished gem. The cinematography (John Seale) of the bleak Nairobi deserts is breathtaking. I saw it at the VMax sitting fairly close and it was like being in a two hour car crash. It was exhausting, inspiring, exciting and just totally wonderful. I left the cinema with the same level of excitement that I got when I first saw the Bourne Supremacy. There is a sense that the rules have just been rewritten. Films like this do not come along too often. It really will change everything.

The plot of the film is so simple, yet it hints at and gives glimpses into a deep backstory that will probably be revealed as the remaining films are presented to the world. The MMFRs look to be set around the new character Furiosa and her narrative arc, which is great. We need a new 'Ripley' and she fits the requirements perfectly. There's not a whole lot of dialog, but film is a visual medium, and in this particular case the impressive display does the talking. See it at the biggest screen available and sit as close as you feel comfortable. Then select the next row in front.

It also has someone called Max in it, but he only has a small part.

Visual Poetry. Six out of five stars.