Quick Update

March has been a busy month with the release of two books, Sucker and The Second-Story Girl,  and the associated marketing. So much so that I will be having a quick break for a few weeks, which means no Sucker podcast updates until the end of April. Sorry. 

But having said that, there will be lots of exciting news coming in May. I will be revamping everything as I have a change of philosophy how the various parts of the MMW web and associated social media all interact.

There will be giveaways, promotions and more! It should be interesting.

Fusion powers along. It's currently sitting at 60k words. I'm hoping I'm over halfway, otherwise it's going to be a monster of a book. May is about Fusion, finishing and getting it out to the editor. I will then looking for people on the subscription list who would be interested in getting free paperback copies of the book two months early, as long as they post a review on Amazon on launch day, around mid-August.

So if you're not on the subscription list, join up and enjoy.